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Preparing Your Puppies for their Forever Home

5 puppies sitting together

Preparing Your Puppies for their Forever Home

Carefully preparing your puppies for the big bright world is an important step to success. Here is a list of things to remember as your puppies grow.

Keeping your puppies on a slatted or Tenderfoot floor after weaning will keep them cleaner and healthier. Avoid bare concrete floors by bedding with shavings or other absorbent material. Change bedding every day. Avoid hay and straw bedding as it is very friendly to fleas and lice.

When the puppies are six weeks old, bathe them with Dawn dish soap and warm water to eliminate any fleas. Carefully inspect the skin for lice and mites. Also make sure their ears are clean and use a quality ear flush like Kettaflush if necessary. Using water to clean out ears can cause infections. Wash the puppies again with Dawn dish soap before they leave. Wash the second time with a scented shampoo to keep them smelling good on the way home.

Give your puppies at least two vaccines before they are eight weeks old. The bare minimum is Neopar at five weeks and a 5-way distemper at seven weeks. Puppies should be wormed with pyrantel every two weeks until they are six weeks old. Once the puppies are six weeks old, worm them with Safeguard for three to five days in a row to eliminate parasites not killed by pyrantel.  Ask your vet for his vaccine and deworming recommendations. 

 An inexpensive pack of assorted puppy collars can help you identify the puppies in look-alike litters. Microchips offer a safe and permanent identification for your puppies and are becoming quite  popular. They only cost a few dollars each and can be ordered from your favorite pet supply company.

Remember to vet check the puppies right before they turn eight weeks old.  

Make sure you have a contract with your name, address, and all the puppy’s info (including vaccinations) along with a copy of the Puppy Lemon Law. Most photographers can supply folders and blank contracts. Creating your own folders is a great way to enhance your image and highly increases the chance of a repeat sale. Your local print shop or graphic designer will be able to help you.



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