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Families looking to adopt puppies like to see a nice, professional website because this legitimizes your business and builds trust. Yes, you can have Facebook, Instagram, etc., and share what you do there but they should all point people to your website. On your website, you can control the story. Just having a Facebook page isn’t enough, and with the stance Facebook has taken on breeding, it could be a matter of time before they close down your page. Your website is your very own platform, it’s where no one can tell you what you can and can’t put on it.
A well-designed website will cost anywhere from $3,000 for a basic one to $9,000 for a complex setup. Monthly hosting fees range from $40 to $180. Some include free changes and updates.
Make sure that you own the website and are able to switch to a new host whenever you choose. The low upfront cost, pay-as-you-go website companies are notorious for holding your website hostage when you’re ready to move on.

Some Important Features Your Website Should Have

»Professional Design Recent advances in technology have made it much easier to design basic websites. We’re seeing a lot of freelance website designers who are doing a great job. Alternatively, choosing an established business with multiple employees will ensure that someone can still make changes for you even if your primary designer is off for a few days.
»Harvesting A Contact List As traffic flows through your website you’ll have lots of interested people checking out pictures and reading your info. The problem is that most of them aren’t ready to purchase and are “just looking”. Collecting their primary contact info like phone number or email is your way to contact them later. You can ask them to sign up for litter updates and newsletters or even offer a free gift or coupon in exchange for their contact info.
»Follow-up If the web visitor does leave their contact info you can send update emails, text messages, and phone calls whenever you like. All follow-up correspondence must have an easy way to opt out. Most folks won’t block you as long as you don’t overdo it and remain friendly and helpful. Another option is purchasing ads that are shown to your visitor on other sites for a few days/weeks after he visited your website.
»Photos and Videos Going to the expert level will require you to have great photography available every day in your kennel. You may need to spend considerably more on photography and videos, but the returns are well worth it. Having great photography shows that you care and want to showcase your puppies, not just get them out the door as fast as you can.
»Testimonials and Reviews Posting comments and reviews from happy customers builds trust with the web visitor. Ideally the customer posts his review on your Google Page and then your designer copies it into the website.
»Educational Page You know a lot about puppy health and the breed you are selling. Use a FAQ page to answer common questions. When web visitors interact with a professional dog breeder they expect an expert who is knowledgeable about pet care. If you don’t have an answer to their questions, say so, and then find out.
»Payment Processing An e-commerce plugin on your website will make it easy for your customer to make down payments from their home. Ask your web designer to show you the steps the customer needs to take to make sure that it’s easy and efficient. Make sure it’s bulletproof – there is no worse time to lose a customer than when they have their credit card in hand.

Build a brand around your kennel that shows you are excellent at what you do.

Also, when your clients arrive it is very beneficial for your reputation to receive them in a clean, updated reception room complete with a rest room if possible. How they are received and treated will greatly impact their perception of you as the dog breeder.



PAWS (Pennsylvania Animal Welfare and Safety) is a group of pet breeders who are dedicated to
helping the industry by providing guidance in areas such as pet safety, marketing, public relations,
and legal requirements. We believe that pets should be treated humanely and with respect. We
work to provide our members and the industry with tools and education so they can meet and
exceed state and federal standards.

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